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Dr Justine O’Hara of Pure Aesthetics discusses who makes a good candidate for labiaplasty, what they can expect from the process, and how they can benefit long-term.

Sydney, NSW – Dr Justine O’Hara, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, performs labiaplasty to help female patients improve their cosmetic and functional concerns related to the vulva. She reveals that many women suffer from frequent discomfort in this area, due to the anatomical structures being oversized or disproportionate to each other. By surgically altering the shape and/or size of these forms, Dr O’Hara explains labiaplasty can help women reduce their physical comfort and experience increased self-confidence.

While the vulva typically remains in the same general shape, says Dr O’Hara, many women may develop changes in this area following childbirth, weight loss, or the natural ageing process. As a result, she notes that women may begin to experience pain or discomfort, especially during activities like exercise or sexual intimacy. Additionally, Dr O’Hara recognises that many patients express feeling self-conscious during these times, as well as when wearing form-fitting clothing, as the vulva may appear more prominent than desired.

For those who visit Pure Aesthetics in hopes of resolving these problems, Dr O’Hara performs a thorough consultation process, during which time she discusses the patient’s medical history, their current physical concerns, and what they hope to achieve with surgery. After performing a thorough examination of the vulva area, Dr O’Hara is able to determine the patient’s specific needs. This may entail removing excess tissue from an enlarged labia minora or majora, reducing fatty tissue in the labia majora or mons pubis through liposuction, or augmenting the labia majora or mons pubis with fat grafting.

Dr O’Hara reveals that women who prove to be good candidates for labiaplasty, and have realistic expectations for their surgery, can benefit from the following:

  • Decreasing the overall size of their genitalia
  • Reducing discomfort when wearing form-fitting garments
  • Lessening irritation in the form of chafing or pinching
  • Minimising pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse

In the end, she encourages anyone with concerns regarding their vulva region to seek the help of a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Should they choose to undergo labiaplasty, Dr O’Hara says patients can look forward to an improved quality of life.

About Justine O’Hara, FRACS

Dr O’Hara completed her specialty training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery through the  Australasian College of Surgeons, spending seven years of intense training to become a plastic surgeon. Throughout this time working locally and internationally, Dr O’Hara became experienced in surgery for both adults and paediatric patients. In addition to performing labiaplasty at Pure Aesthetics, Dr O’Hara offers such procedures as breast surgery, post-pregnancy options, and eyelid reduction. She is available for interview upon request.

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