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We all have a few areas on our abdomen, the inside of our thighs and under our arms that could use some toning. Watching what you eat and long hours of exercise just can’t seem to get rid of these stubborn areas of fat, no matter how hard we try. Our clients at Pure Aesthetics know that we always offer the trending cosmetic solutions for these sensitive body issues, which is why we now offer the latest fat blasting treatment that is taking the cosmetic industry by storm—CLATUU.

When it comes to getting rid of stubborn body fat after you’ve tried it all, CLATUU helps to reduce fat in hard to reach places. We recommend this new and advanced fat reducing therapy for clients looking to avoid painful and often long-awaited surgery to remove the fat from the body. Instead, think of the time you could spend with your significant other on the beach once you’ve comfortably and non-surgically reduced your last bits of body fat. CLATUU treats 4 major areas of stubborn fat to help you get the toned body you’ve been dreaming of.

CLATUU targets these 4 major areas:

  1. Flanks
    We all know what the dreaded muffin top looks like. Many of you are probably asking which flavour is it this week, right? Fat tends to accumulate around the sides of the body at the flanks of the abdominal area for men and women alike, but women tend to accumulate more around the sides because of the potential for childbirth; the argument is that some side weight is sex- specific and can be based on hormones. Either way, men and women have stubborn fat in these areas that become very difficult to get rid of. Also, the type of clothing and fit can shape flanks into bulging areas. CLATUU does wonders for the flanks to reduce them significantly.
  2. Upper and Lower Back
    Women all over the world talk about excess fat around the bra area right around the fabric. CLATUU uses small and medium sized applicators to freeze this fat away; we know that you’ve been waiting years for something nonsurgical to take care of the problem. Fat in this area depends on the way your body processes fat and the fickle insulin hormone. Naturally, if your body processes sugars slower, fat will tend to stack up around the middle and back area.
  3. Under the arms
    Some call this fatty area under the arms, your salt and pepper shakers. Under the arms is a lovely storage area for fat to accumulate and when we don’t exercise often or work all sides of the triceps fat can creep in. When fat accumulates here, the skin will loose elasticity a lot faster and starts to sag dramatically. If you’ve been working out your arms then hats off to you and you could use some help from CLATUU to tone and define your arms.
  4. Abdomen
    Men experience beer belly syndrome and women share the same experience with spare tire belly fat. The fat that settles here is visceral fat that was created to support your internal organs, but if you’re not off running to hunt and gather food against angry predators there’s no reason why we need all of that, right? It may be the types of workouts you do or just the way your body is built that fat piles onto the abdominal area. CLATUU can help to slowly reduce the layers of extra fat around the middle if you’re looking to unveil your six-pack.

How is treatment with CLATUU performed?

  1. Gel Pad Placement
    Before placing the CLATUU fat freezing devices on the areas you wish to target, a specified type of protecting matrix gel pad will be placed over the skin; these gel pads protect your skin completely from the cooling temperatures from damaging the skin and become effectively absorbed into the fatty layers beneath the skin.
  2. Placement of the Hand-Held Applicators
    Two applicators will work together to simultaneously freeze fat in the areas that bother you most with unwanted fatty deposits. CLATUU uses one flat type applicator for small areas and a wing type applicator that is hollowed and curved, to hold delicate layers of skin and fatty pockets by sucking the fat into the hand tool. As the two applicators begin the fat freezing treatment, fatty layers beneath the epidermis and the dermal layers are sucked into the hollowed portion of the applicator.
  3. Fat Blasting Time
    While the adipose (fat) layers are sucked into the CLATUU applicators from two angles of the same area or multiple areas, the fat is blasted with the optimal temperatures that will freeze the adipose cells. Once the fat cells have reached a comfortable freezing point about negative nine degrees Celsius, the surrounding cellular membrane will begin catabolic phase or breakdown of the membrane. Once the membrane is broken down, the fat inside these cells is attacked by the surrounding enzymes and macrophages that will break it down further in the body. The fat is not reabsorbed into the body but packaged in a way that will cause it to be secreted with normal body functions.

After the procedure, the skin that was treated is massaged by an acoustic wave therapy machine called Slimspec. This massaging helps to move the metabolism process along and prevent any bruising. Any redness and numbness caused by the cold temperatures will go away during the massaging period.

Benefits of CLATUU Treatment:

  • No damage to outlining tissues
  • Naturally reduces fat in the body
  • Freezes fat from all angles, 360 degree action
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Controlled temperature throughout
  • Fat reduction begins between 30-90 days

How does the treatment feel?

At Pure Aesthetics, we only choose the most comfortable or least uncomfortable treatments that are the best in their class. The CLATUU fat freezing treatment is virtually painless, with only a slight feeling of cold and some tingling or pressure in the beginning of the procedure that should only last for ten minutes or less. Because of the added padding between the machine’s hand tool and your skin, you won’t feel any discomfort after the first set of cooling sensations.

How long does the treatment take?

This fat freezing, nonsurgical treatment only takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes to complete depending on how many areas you would like treated at one time. Your therapist will explain how long you should expect to be there based on your consultation for CLATUU and treatment planning.

How long does it take to see results with CLATUU? Treatment with CLATUU to reduce fat in these four stubborn areas of the body could take four to six weeks to begin to see results. The process of freezing fat and natural metabolic breakdown of the fat cells needs this time to completely finish this cycle of recycling fat through the body’s excretions.

We invite all of our clients that have achieved their ideal weight goals at Pure Aesthetics to come in for a consultation for CLATUU. Get rid of those last few layers of visceral fat around the middle, under the arms, thighs and back in no time without liposuction. Call Pure Aesthetics today on 02 9199 7448 to schedule your CLATUU consultation.