Fat removal is one of the top requests that a Sydney plastic surgeon receives, and there are a number of options available to achieve this outcome. There is liposuction, laser treatments, ultrasound options, CLATUU™ fat freezing, and a number of other plastic procedures that can remove unwanted fat. The best choice will depend on your situation, goals, and other variables.

Liposuction is Invasive Plastic Surgery with Certain Risks

Liposuction is considered a surgical plastic procedure, and it carries certain risks since it is invasive. This method can remove unsightly fat deposits almost anywhere in the body, and it can be very effective at body contouring. This plastic surgery does involve some recovery though, and it carries the risk of infection at the injection sites where the skin is breached.

When is Liposuction Better for Fat Removal?

There are some cases where liposuction may be better for fat removal than CLATUU fat freezing. If you want smoother results, are in good health, and have large deposits of excess fat, then liposuction may be recommended. This method can be more expensive though, and it usually involves anesthesia, cutting, and even stitches.

An experienced Sydney plastic surgeon can discuss your body contouring and fat removal goals to help you determine which plastic procedure is best for your situation. Liposuction can provide noticeable results immediately, while CLATUU fat freezing may not have visible results for a few weeks.

What is Cryolipolysis?

CLATUU fat freezing uses cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells. This means that extreme cold temperatures are used to freeze excess fat cells in an area, without harming the surrounding muscle, bone, and other tissues. This fat removal technique is a non-surgical option that is not invasive, and there are no needles or skin breaches required.

How Does CLATUU Fat Freezing Work?

Your plastic surgeon will place a cup or panel device directly on the skin over the excess fat deposit. These devices transmit a low temperature designed to freeze the fat cells in the area. This destroys the excess fat, and the dead fat cells are eliminated through your liver over a period of time. The temperature used is not low enough to freeze skin, muscle, or nerve tissue.

CLATUU fat freezing is non-invasive and does not require any recovery time. This plastic procedure can typically eliminate up to 25% of any excess fat cells in the treatment area in a single treatment. One session will usually last between 30-60 minutes, and there is little discomfort involved.

During the fat freezing plastic procedure you may experience a sensation of extreme cold and mild discomfort. It may take more than one treatment to get optimal results. Common side effects of CLATUU fat freezing can include:

  • Mild swelling
  • Temporary numbness
  • Tingling
  • Redness

More serious or longer-lasting side effects are very rare with this plastic procedure, and it is becoming a very popular choice for fat removal.

Is Liposuction or CLATUU Fat Freezing Better?

Neither plastic procedure is better than the other. Both are fat removal techniques with specific benefits and drawbacks. The best possible choice will depend on your situation, circumstances, and goals. The right plastic surgeon will help you determine which fat removal method will work best in your case.

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